Your Questions About Poker Tables For Sale

Joseph asks…

poker table and ps2 with 15 games for sale…..?

I have a ps2 with 15 games for sale in the las vegas area for only 150 dollars. I also have a poker table brand new 105 inches for only 900 bucks, i paid over 1500.

admin answers:

Ppl come here to questions answered this is not a buy or sell web site, it is called yahoo answers for a reason

Donald asks…

Could this be a potential craigslist scam?

I am selling a poker table and about 2 hours after I listed it on craigslist, I get an email saying the following:

“Hello and how are you doing? Since the post is still on,i believe its still up for sale.please get back to me asap if is for sale
Thank you

So I respond and say that it is for sale,
I get the following response:

“Hello thanks for your response am so glad when i see your message,i will like to come and check it out on ( saturday) so please let me know if you will be available,My speech is bad,i would have suggested a call but you can leave me a message here on my phone number(###-###-####)or You can just reply this email, I’m always with my computer and please don’t forget to leave your name and address, take care
Thank you”

So what do you think? I blocked out the phone number for privacy in case its not a scam. To me it just seems a little fishy. I got similar scam messages in the past but never one where the potentially scammer wanted to come see the table.

admin answers:

Call the number and find out.

Ken asks…

What kind of position do you think I can get with this work background?

1993-High School grad
1993- Sales/Management (signing people up for a JC Penney Card-did not work for JC Penny).
1994- Star Crest Products (Packing)
1995- Thermal Dynamics–(Manufacturing) combed the aluminum oil filters/oil coolers for cars, and on inner and outer expander.
1997-2001- Telemarketing (signing credit card holders up for ADD insurance and credit card insurance) I was not a agent. I did not close any sales.
Summer 1999 and Fall 2001- Retail Sales (Cashier) also clean up work.
2002-Pechanga Resort and Casino (EVS Housekeeper) Cleaned up all drinks around machines, cleaned floors, 21 pits, poker tables/restrooms.

2002- Office work in workmans compenstation putting claims in alpha order. Also worked in HR with filing as well.
2002—UPS on Ramp (putting packages on and getting them off the planes).
2003– Data Entry through temps including purchasing dept.
2004- Direct care w/ teenagers
2006-A.S.- Business
2009 B.S Business. (Yes, 2009) I’m a senior now.
I forgot these-

1993- Mall Security (parking lot surveillance)
Summer 2000-College security/church security

admin answers:

Going by your previous employment you show a lot of movement and only one 4 year employment.Your commitment to completing your education should add to that.I would recomend seeing if your degree qualifys you to work in medical records keeping and billing.I just saw an article about careers in the medical field and there are a ton of available jobs.Jobs where there is a need for employees and a shortage of qualified people tend to pay higher.Good luck and congratulations on finishing college.

Laura asks…

Why is it that if someone gets to do something another person wants to do but cant, their considered “spolied”?

Im going to have a quinceanera, but not like some other girls in hispanic culture do. im not inviting 300 or 400 people, only one hundred, maybe 80. im not going to have a poofy 500 dollar dress, im wearing jeans and a t shirt. ive saved my own money, from a job i got when i turned 14 last year, and never speant ANY of it, and my family has been saving here and there for 2 and a half years. im getting things in bulk, so i can pay less for them, and im only going to have one table for everyone to eat, im borrowing my brothers friends poker table, and most likley the party is going to take place at my sisters house. im buying things on sale, and trying to make the best of what little money I have.

the most expensive thing for the entire party would be the plane tickets to puerot rico.

this is a very important party, and a very special occasion that means a lot to me and my family, and weve been saving for a long time, and still dont even have 4,000 dollar, when most quinceanera cost 15,000 dollars.

someone called me spoiled yesterday, when i dont think i am, i may be a bit better off for the fact i CAN have a party, but ivs saved for a long time.
I actually have to work for things. i dont get everything handed down to me. if i want a shirt that cost 10 bucks, ill have to pay for it with my own money. if i want shoes ill have to pay for it. but thats exactly it, I WANT those things but i dont need them so i dnt buy them cus im saving for my party. if i need something , my mom wont buy it, because taught me to be responsible for myelf since i was young.
No only 5. my grandparents, my mom and dad, and me, everybody else lives in puerto rico, thats where most of our family is from. if anybody from newyork or new jersey wantsa to come they pay their own way.

admin answers:

Is the person who called you spoiled from a similar cultural background? For someone who was raised outside of your own, they may see your quinceanera as just a massive birthday party and if you compare it to your typical non-Hispanic birthday party they certainly do seem extravagant – even though if you compare yours to other quinceaneras it is pretty reasonable.

It kind of matters what their basis of comparison is.

Mary asks…

Poker tournament, how to deal with the maniac?

I was in a $30 dollar buy in, Tournament of Full Tilt.

And I kept running into players that went all inn before the flop, regardless of their whole cards.

The rational thing to do is to fold, but i like suited connectors and my blinds are not for sale.

I put it a preflop raise 3X the blinds, nothing, ALL in.

Finally i call with a strong hand and double up.

A new player joins our table, another wacko, I waited until i had a strong hand and called and now had 22k chips

Now another maniac joins with 12k chips. All in no matter what cards, All in every single hand.

By now i was soo fed up i called with A3, made 2 pair and he got a 4 hearts on the river and won.

Now my stack was half around 11k. By now i was steaming big time and, i wanted this guy out so i can play poker and quit playing bingo.

What do u know he goes All in, I call with A5, he wins. I get kicked out the tournament and suck on my thumb.


help!!! Damn i hate internet poker

admin answers:

Why do you get “fed” up with these guys? You just wait for a hand and a good opportunity to bust them. A5 and A3 are not necessarily the hands to do it with although it depends a lot on stack sizes and how many players are left to act after you.

Against a completely random hand A5o only wins about 58% of the time meaning if the maniac shoved with any 2 cards he would still win around 42% of the time. If he’s only shoving a third of the top hands in the deck his hand is actually a favorite to beat yours around 54% of the time. This doesn’t even take into account opponents who wake up with huge hands behind you.

Final point, it’s just one tournament. Even if you did everything right you’re not going to win or even make the money very often in a typical online tournament. The player field is large and usually only the top 10% or so win money. Having these guys in your tournaments is only improving your odds of winning assuming you adjust to them properly. Mainly, playing less pots especially limping or raising with speculative hands and willing to put your money in with a little looser standards than normal. So you should be happy, not angry, but realize sometimes they’re going to bust you. That’s poker.

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