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Michael asks…

Are free rolls a different game entirely?

I’ve been playing a lot of free rolls lately on FT because I’m trying to mimic Chris Ferguson and build up a decent bankroll from nothing. I play my normal game for the normal stakes (single table s’n’g’s) to make my poker income, but the bankroll from nothing has me intrigued. The problem is that I can’t seem to make it to the money. I know only 1% get paid, but I’ve cashed out of hundreds of tournaments, you’d think I’d make it that far at least once. The thing I’ve noticed is that people will play ANY two cards. I flopped top set last night, my opponent went all in on the turn, and I had the second nuts. You’d need 46 to beat me with a straight, no flush draw, and of course what does my opponent turn up? 46, and he called a pre-flop raise with it! I’m not crying, sooner or later I’ll make it happen. But does anyone else notice that free rolls are almost a different game? They seem to be all about luck. Your thoughts?

admin answers:

Freerolls are in fact a whole different universe. First there is the Play Money problem. No matter how well you play or how conscious you are of your chips, people will play freerolls like they’re playing with monopoly money.
10% OR LESS of most freeroll players are playing seriously at all. The rest are throwing money in with nothing like a Bingo game. People will play any two cards because they just don’t take it seriously. Plus such a large percentage of rollers are newbies or just plain bad players that they don’t know any better.
Play tight, premium hand poker regardless of how big the stacks of the maniacs are getting. Push VERY hard with premium hands and avoid too many connectors or drawing hands, as the maniacs are flying in with squat. Another good idea is to sit out the first half hour or so of any freeroll so that the truly awful players and the go-all-in-every-hand clowns have a chance to get burned out without you risking much. You won’t be down to serious, half-decent players for at least 90 minutes into a freeroll.

Sandy asks…

Should I stop playing online poker?

I have come to the determination that skill is a part of poker, but it seems to me luck plays a bigger part. I had a morning 3 hours session of online poker today where I was playing 1/2 NL cash games, 2 tables at a time. 3 scenarios:
1. I had pocket aces on the button. There was a raise to $6 and two callers after. When it gets to me I raise to $24 and get one caller, just what I wanted. The flop comes out 10, 9, 6 rainbow. I bet $40, the guy goes all in for $110, I call. He has 7 8 of hearts. I lose entire pot.
2. I have pocket 9s. A raise to $6 preflop by a player after I limped, I call, it’s just the two of us playing. Flop is 9, 5, 2. I check my top set to slow play, he checks. Next card is a 10, and I bet $12. He raises me to $30, I call. River is a 2, I bet $50, he goes all in for his remaining $125, I call, he shows pocket tens for the better full house.
3. Loose player playing like a madman. He just lost a big pot. He goes all in for $60 preflop. I call with A J on the button. He shows A 3. We’re playing on fulltilt where you can run it twice, and we both have the option to do that checked off. He gets a 3 on both times it’s run, I get no jacks. He wins it all.
This is just an example of what I’m going through playing online poker. I’m good, and I’m getting my money in when I should be, but nothing is working out for me. In the past two months I’ve gone from $3,200 to $1,700 playing solid poker. Any advice?

admin answers:

Let your opponents keep playing like this and just keep playing solid poker. Eventually youll get more money from them than they will from you.
Youre complaining about bad beats but that happens to everyone who plays. My aces got cracked by queens few days ago by a 2 outer on the river and I havent played since. The key is stop playing once you feel the beats have affected your strategy.
I know its frustrating, but I bet youre still an overall winner right? Making money is not the objective in poker, the objective is making correct decisions.

Betty asks…

Cute Ideas for my boyfriend on a themed night “Lets play a Love game”?

Ok so im into like a themed night… so Im going to set up cute games for valentines day… not necessarily sex games… but games,,,

Ok so my bf and I have been dating for over 4 1/2 years now and im going to get him a PS3…. (get it love “game”) im going to wrap the present so that the top looks like a poker table (love “game” again) set up a scavenger hunt to find the presents ( love “game”) and even hid little cinnamon hearts around have him find those and exchange them in for prizes EX: 10 hearts= back massage.

I want other cute/ fun… maybe sexy games…. any ideas?
of course the night will probably end in “love making” and something sexy… but that will be later on after all the fun/bonding time were going to have… ya know?

admin answers:

Love games are better when they lead to love making

I dunno, I just picture it being weird.. A scavenger hunt, with cinnamon hearts, just to find a PS3 on Valentines day…? I’d be expecting lingerie or somethin’

PS3s, although a wonderful gift, are not romantic.

Oh, I misunderstood the scavenger hunt part… Yeah, the hearts equaling prizes like a back massage sounds great.

Susan asks…

Into Poker?

A couple of colleagues and I have been talking about setting up a poker tournament in our area. The whole idea is at the earliest stage and I was curious to know how many of you (18 and over) would find this of interest.

The top prize could be as much as £10,000 with a ‘buy-in’ of just c.£150, with incremental cash prizes ranging from £250 – £5,000. The tournament would be held over an 11 week period with a all winners of the preliminaries going through to the ‘Final Table‘ for a chance to win the top prize.

I love poker but can’t get down with playing on the internet. I don’t think you can beat sitting around a table ‘live’ with 9 other players with all the banter etc.

I’d love to know what you all think. Thanks for taking the time!

admin answers:

I love poker an all but i wouldnt bet that much money

John asks…

Poker running twice?

what are your opinion on running it twice when someone ask you and you have them dominated on the flop. I never run my cards twice and even though there are times I would suffer a horrendous beat, but I think it’s a correct decision base on my part, am I right or wrong by thinking this way? ie. I was playing a cash games 10/20 no limit, and flop a bottom set on the flop and my opponents has top two pair, I trapped him unto the turn to make him commited for all his chips and the pot was huge, he wanted to deal it twice after the turn but I politely declined, since I was a huge favorite but unfortunately he caught his 4 outers on the river, someone at the table told me I should of deal it twice atleast I would chop the pot instead of losing all my money, but it didn’t make any sense to me because I wasn’t playing to chops if that’s was my game then I might as well playing pai gow poker, lol. what are your thoughts on this matter? thanks!

admin answers:

It depends on the odds. If you knew the hands before hand with the exaple you gave I would have run it twice.
If he had top 2 pair then he had a total of 4 outs. If only the river was left then he had a 9% chance of sucking out so the odds of you winning twice were great (82-18%) If however you are a 60% favorite, running it twice would most likely result in a split

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