Your Questions About Poker Table Top Cover

Maria asks…

What should I put in my Man Cave?

Alright so as of this July, my basement has been converted into a man cave. I have a 52 inch big screen tv, a foosball table, posters and signs covering the walls, a poker table top, card shuffler, over 600 poker chips in a nice brief case and tons of decks of cards, a couple cozy couches, and I am going to put some memorabilia down there soon. What else should I get for it? like cool little knick-knacks and stuff. P.S. nothing to do with baseball i hate that sport
P.S. I am in high school so I dont have the ability to renovate my basement to build a bar and kegorators are not an option.

admin answers:

I want to go to there. *sigh*

I really think a pool table is a must. The above is right as well. Have some kind of bar. If you don’t drink it can have non-alcoholic functions. Try thrift store shopping. There’s often electronic standing poker games or standing basketball shooters at a decent rate & (a bonus) if you can get the change receiver functioning you can make profit off those greedy friends who will never love you like I can.

Nancy asks…

Poker Etiquette Question: If a table is playing really friendly, is it bad etiquette to shove all?

The table was playing really friendly poker, no one was jamming a bunch of chips into the middle. On this particular hand, I wake up with pocket Kings, I raise 3x bb to $1.50. BB calls. The flop comes 4s 10c Kc. I bet the pot ($3) and BB comes over the top for $6. He’s been playing pretty tight, so I put him on AK. I shove all in for the rest of my chips ($74). He has me covered and calls and turns over Ks 4h. The turn and river are blanks, and I take down the pot.

Was that bad etiquette to go after his stack? I play because it’s fun, but also to make some money – like everyone else I imagine. The guy was really cool about the beat, said “that’s poker” and that he put me on Aces. Anyway, I’d appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

admin answers:

I don’t care how friendly the game, if you are going to play No Limit Texas Hold’em you have to play properly, i.e. To win. In this case you shoved all in, he CHOSE to call you, he could have folded. If you did have aces and his two pair was best, do you think he would have chopped the pot with you just to be nice? Of course not. You have to play to win, or you might just as well not play for real money at all.

Frankly, he should not have called a raise with such a junk hand. He was vulnerable to pocket kings, tens or fours. He was also vulnerable to a flush draw or a straight draw, or even king ten. There were so many hands that could have him in trouble, it is questionable to call off $74 to win the comparatively small amount that was in the pot.

In any case, good hand. You should not feel bad about this kind of thing, if you do you should just pick a less competitive game.

Donna asks…

How do poker pros calculate the odds of winning so quickly? Is there some sort of shortcut or is it memory?

I can tell when I’m a huge favorite or a slight underdog, but not with the degree of certainty they seem to know. (i.e. I called an all in bet when I had top two pair against a guy i put on a draw with one card to come. I suffered what i suspected was a really bad beat and i checked a poker odds calculator which said I was an 80% favorite, but i don’t know how to tell this while I’m at the table. Is there an easy way? I had the other guy covered and I was getting about 3 to one on my call) BTW this was no limit hold ’em

admin answers:

Before the flop, there really aren’t that many combinations:

A pair vs. Two overcards (ex. 9-9 vs. A-J) = coin flip (the 9-9 is between 50-55%)
A pair vs. One overcard (ex. 9-9 vs. A-8) = pair is 2-1 favorite
A pair vs. Two undercards (ex: 9-9 vs. 6-7) = pair is 3-1 favorite
A pair vs. Lower pair (ex: 9-9 vs. 8-8) = high pair is 4-1 favorite

With no pairs:

Two high vs. Two low (ex. 9-8 vs. 5-4) = high cards are 75-80%
One high vs. Two middle (ex: J-5 vs. 6-7) = hich card is 60%
Interleaved (J-8 vs. 9-7) = high card is 55%

The odds are about the same whether the high card is a 9 or an A.


After the flop: Odds of hitting are about 4% times the number of outs.
After the turn: Odds of hitting are about 2% times the number of outs.


How to handle bad beats:
This is more psychology.

If you play often enough, the bad beats will even out (When the board makes a bad beat, half the time you get burnt, half the time you luck out.)

Lisa asks…

Who are those famous paintings done by?

Theres a couple of fantastic paintings that i can remember and love and it would be great if someone new the artists who created them, first is a painting of a man or a few men standing wearing suits and top hats with apples and/or birds covering their faces. Next is the painting of a group of dogs playing poker at a poker table, and the last is one artist who in every paintings puts a little stick as sort of a signature for his paintings.

Thanks for your time it would really mean allot to me.

admin answers:

René Magritte painted several paintings of men in stiff, black suits with objects in front of their faces. ‘Son Of Man’, which is the one with the apple, is the most famous. The one you mentioned with the dove is ‘The Man With The Bowler Hat’.

The painting of the dogs that play poker is simply called ‘Dogs Playing Poker’, and it is painted by Cassius M. Coolidge.

I don’t know whom the last one could be …

Paul asks…

Marathon Dream. Please please tell me what it meant It was so bizzare?


Okay, so the dream opens with the death of my mom (I don’t remember how she died, but it was at Islands of Adventure). I then get sent to live with my aunt, who’s my mom’s identical twin (dream aunt) and her daughter, who looks exactly like me (again, dream cousin).

I then grow up to the age I am now (I was little at the start of the dream). The three of us go to Islands of Adventure (btw, the place in my dreams looks nothing like the real park). I want to go on this one ride that I see all my friends are lined up for, but they (cousin, aunt) refuse to let me. So we go up an escalator while I’m ranting about not going on that ride. I’m so lost in my rant, that my aunt has to remind me to step off. I then freak out because I didn’t notice the escalator was ending.

The three of us then head across a pier and the begin to go up this tower, entirely made of moving walkways (there’d be a section of a moving walkway in front of you then you have to jump quickly to the next one on your right). I should probably mention now that I have an irational fear of both escalators and moving walkways. So I am freaking out as we slowly go up the tower.

We get to the top and I don’t notice the one point where I need to get off the walkway, so I go through a railing, off the tower, and into the ocean below.

It is then my view point shifts, it turns out that I had been seeing things from my cousins viewpoint and it was she who had just crashed into the river. I then rush along with the safty people to help her. The lot of us climb onto a raft and manage to find her lying against some rocks.

She mumbles to me about how her stomache hurts, but inticates her broken ribs. We all watch her die. I then return to my aunt and mention how I never want to go to Islands of Adventure again and she agrees.

A couple more years past, an my aunt has remarried (this awful despondent man) and I now have a littler cousin running around. Since my twin cousin’s death and her remarriage, my aunt has changed to this horrible tyrant and I want out. So I pack up my stuff, and march out the door (which has something like “Lylea’s rules” and then I list of house rules written in marker underneath), much to there protests.

It’s night outside, and I weave past the cars in the drive way to see a car slowing down in front of my house. I guy is in it (he kinda looks like a punk Tommy Q from Instant Star, but dream guy is also british). He tells me to get in, I do (the guy also makes it clear he’s drunk). We then take of weaving through my neighborhood (not my rl neighborhood, just your average “every house is the same” one).

He tells me his name is Mort and asks me what I’m running from. I refuse to say. Then he tells me he knows just the place to go. Mort then takes me to this pub/convience store place (that is done up old style, wood and the like). We go and try out at least three different tables before making up our minds on where to sit (I want a small cozy booth, he wants a mega big table, we decide on a medium size one). After we have selected our booth, Mort stretchs out on the corner side, I just stare, while he smirks.

I ton of other guys come over to join us with a deck of cards. The group of them then play poker in front of me. Mort keeps asking all these personal questions, which I keep invading. Another guy then shows up and sits next to me, he’s covered in sweat (water?) and is literally dripping every where. He was one of the guys that helped me try to save my cousin. He knows of both her death and my mom’s. I signal him with a look not to mention anything in front of Mort (who looks jealously at us).

I then ask Mort to take me home, he does so, but not before asking for my phone number (which I give to him). Though I think to myself, it would never work because women in my family always die young. I go back into my aunt’s house.

Months pass, my aunt apparently has a job at Islands of adventure to take care of this one water ride. She insists one night that she didn’t close it properly, so we all go with her to help her shut it down.

I switch to my aunt’s pov. She knows that the ride (it’s like a shipwreck ride) is being feisty tonight and knows that she probably will die trying to fix and sure enough, the ride shoots a wave of water at her (while she’s under the water) that kills her.

Back to my pov, my step-uncle, baby cousin, and I watch helplessly has my aunt drowns. Proving my point on why I couldn’t be with anyone.

Days pass, I check my cellphone for the first time in months. Mort has left me dozens of long texts. Asking about me, telling me about himself, telling me what an idiot he is to keep writing when I don’t respond…
I feel guilty, not knowing what to say, I don’t want to tell him the first time I read his texts was today. Besides, what will it matter if I’m going to die?

Time passes, I’m not sure how much, but suddenly I’m in an ocean with Mort on a raft coming towards me.
I’m drowning, dying, but he manages to save me from my fate.

More time passes, Mort and I are in the convience store/pub again. Apparently we’re engaged now. We’re being really lovey dovey (lol) and I tell him that if the curse kills him instead of me, I would kill myself because I can’t live without him. He gives me a brief serious look, then chuckles, that it is more likely for him to live without me. We wander around the convience store for a bit, kissing, holding each other, and talking (I don’t remember everything we said).

Then the dream shifts to the future (days) and into Mort’s pov. He’s working an amusement park ride (that’s right we argued about that last part….) when something goes wrong, like I had told him it would. He runs down below into the maind inner workings of the ride. Turns out there are all these robots and dinosaurs (my dream went more psycho) attacking the ride and people who run it. Mort tries to fight back and escape, but eventually is killed (more l
With my new powers, I head back down to earth, and I send female lions to guard Giles and my family. Then I head to Mort’s ride (the place where he died) and resurrect Mort. I say nothing to him or look at him. He heads over to stay with Giles. I then enter Mort’s ride. I destroy all the robots and kill all the dinosaurs. Then ultimately fight and kill the same goddess who set my trials, thus saving the world and breaking my family curse (apparently she had placed the curse on my family).

I then head back to Giles and Mort, who still isn’t looking at me. I give up my powers and Mort and I marry. (I don’t remember how the whole ending went, just those points).

What did it mean?
more like trapted with something about to kill him).

The dream shifts again, I some how know what is happening (happened) to Mort. I go ask Giles (a tv show character, I have no idea what his relationship is in my dream, he just popped in) what’s going on. He tells me that the gods are striking back against us mortals and that only a god can defeat them, but that there hasn’t been a god raised out of our planet in centuries. I ask him how I could become a god, so I can save the world (lol), break my curse, and resurect Mort. Giles tells me I have to go complete some trials set by this one god.

Dream shift, I’m in this cloudy place, where this one woman (goddess) is talking to me (she dressed royally). She tells me a god has not been raised up out of the earth (apparently in my dream a god is made up of a planets elements) in a long time because it’s people are corrupt and no one is worthy. I tell her that people do have good in them. She counters that they have darkness too, and

admin answers:

I’m really sorry but this dream is way too long. I got in a couple of paragraphs but I don’t have this kind of time to devote.

I would think about something that happened vis a vis your mother when you were little, when she had some sort of change of identity, a break with an old way of life. Such as divorce, loss of a spouse, remarriage, new career, or something like that. That means the old her died. Your aunt and cousin look like her but are different people — that tells me she and your sister come out from the “death” as changed people.

I never heard of Islands of Adventure but if it’s completely different in your dream that tells me it’s just a symbol, probably for some sort of adventure you experienced recently. “Island” could also mean something done alone, cut off from the world or your family.

You aren’t allowed to do things your friends do, that could be straightforward or it could also be symbolic. An escalator is about moving to another level, but with minimal effort. Was there some rise in your family’s status that brought you to another level away from your friends, such as financial success precipitating a move?

Sorry but that’s all I have time for. Try a good dream symbolism site and some introspection for the rest.

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