Your Questions About Poker Supplies

Mark asks…

Does anyone know of any poker supplies websites that have a big selection that offer free dropshipping?

admin answers:

Considering how heavy most poker supplies are, I’d be surprised if you could get free shipping. I’ve gone to reputable eBay sellers in the past for supplies. Since it’s eBay you get a wide variety, and the shipping cost is offset by the prices. They’re much lower than you will get on most websites or gaming supply stores.

Ken asks…

Yet another poker supplies question. Guys help?

I want to get my boyfriend a poker set for xmas. So I was wondering… what is more important, the case or the chips? You see, being a broke college girl and all, I can afford to either get a nice mahagony case with just plain/cheap chips, or I can get a set that has an aluminum case that’s more like a brief case with nice clay chips.

Which would you rather get??

admin answers:

Def the chips.I suggest min 500 11.5 semi clay set.The weight and texture is what a player likes.Stay away from your cheap plastic chips.Your botfriend with realy like these chips.

Thomas asks…

Chicago Poker Store – New business selling poker supplies in the Chicagoland Area is that a good idea?

I have recently opened a Poker supply store in Chicago. I’m selling (Copag Plastic cards / Poker Chip Sets / Poker Accessories) Basically anything you would need to host a poker game. The reason for starting the business is because poker supplies are heavy and shipping gets very expensive when you order online. There aren’t many places in Chicago selling poker supplies. I’m selling professional 14 gram clay chips.

I have created a website: to show the products I carry.

I wanted to get some thought on if this is a good idea and also how can I market to people locally.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

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Mandy asks…

Where can i find the best poker cards/chips?

I’d like to find a good site where i can maybe customize chips. I’d also like professional cards, not the cheesy ones you find in stores. Please don’t give me tips on how to play, because I just want some cool poker supplies. THANX!

admin answers:

Your best shot would have to be Google searching it. Maybe Amazon or eBay will have some good selections for you.

Sharon asks…

I need to find a poker table chip tray insert for my game toningt?

Is there a poker supplies store here in orlando where i can go and buy a chip tray insert. I need it for my game tonight because i forgot to buy one and i reallyyyyyy need to get one. t
thanks in advance for any helpful tips.

admin answers:

Many ‘hobby and game’ stores will carry what you are loooking for…

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