Your Questions About Poker Chips Value

Nancy asks…

what is the value of the classic poker chips ?

i have a classic poker set, but im not sure what the chip value is does anyone know what the white chip, is the red chip, and the blue chip thank you for your help

admin answers:

Casino chip colors are standard to avoid confusion. Here is a list of chip colors and their value. This list can be applied to internet games, live casino games or in your case, home poker chips.

White chips – $1.00
Yellow chips – $2.00
Red chips – $5.00
Blue chips – $10.00
Grey chips – $20.00
Green chips – $25.00
Orange chips – $50.00
Black chips – $100.00
Pink chips – $250.00
Purple chips – $500.00
Burgundy chips – $1000.00
Light blue chips – $2000.00
Brown chips – $5000.00

Charles asks…

World series of Poker… How many chips do you start with color and chip value in the 2011 main event?

how many exact chips do u start with in the 2011 wsop color and value of chips and amount of each

admin answers:

Take a look here: Not ownly do they discuss the number and denomination of the chips, there are a few posted pictures of starting chipstacks for a few of the events as well.

Maria asks…

What color in value do the poker chips represent?

White = what dollar value?
Black= ?
Green = ?
Blue = ? Etc.

admin answers:

White = $1
pink = $2.50 used in paying a $5 Blackjack (3/2 or $7.50 for a $5 bet)
Red = $5
Blue (not often used) = $10
Green = $25
Black = $100
Purple =$500
Yellow = $1000
multi colored chips are found in the High limit rooms on occation and usually are casino specific.

I hope this helps

Linda asks…

Ive 200 blank poker chips containing four different colours. What value should i put on each colour?

ive 200 blank chips altogether 50 red, 50 white, 50 blue, and 50 green.

i want to label them with values but i dont know which is the best value to put on each since there’s the same number of chips for each colour

i was thinking 5, 10, 25 and 50 on each. would this be the best idea?

admin answers:

It really depends on what sort of game you want to play.

Do you want to play tournaments with your friends? Perhaps you want to call the white “100”, the red “500”, the blue “1,000” and the green “2,000”. Set up a tournament and have some fun.

Perhaps you and your friends want to play a CASH game where the chips represent real money. Again, you’d still need to decide what sort of cash game you want:

Are you actually going to play for pennies, nickels and dimes? If so, white = pennies; red = nickels; blue = dimes; green = quarters.

Do you want to play for bigger stakes? Red = nickels; blue = dimes; green = quarters; white = dollars.

You get the idea. Think about what sort of game you want to play, then make each denomination worth whatever will suit your game.

Jenny asks…

How much is the fee to participate to the 06 WS of Poker? Value of chips each player receive to start playing?

admin answers:

The fee comes out of the prize pool…I believe Harrah’s took between 6% and 9%, meaning if you paid the $10,000 buy in to get in, Harrah’s withheld $600 – $900 of it for staff, dealers, etc.

Everyone recieved 10,000 in tournament chips and the blinds began at 25-50.

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