Your Questions About Poker Chips Target

John asks…

Best poker chips under 40 bux? (Target)?

One of my friends is having a poker party tonight and has given me the job of supplying the chips so I’m just going to stop by a local Target on my way there and pick some up. I really don’t wanna spend more than 40 bux if possible and need enough chips for 4 to 6 players. Can someone help me out here? Target has a bunch listed on their website.. I just don’t know which ones are best and don’t want to buy total crap… I want something worth using again in the future. Thanx!!!!!

admin answers:

If you’re looking at under $40 then they will be crap. Decent chips cost money, and the good ones can cost alot.

Nancy asks…

Where can I get poker chips and cards for cheap?

Me, my dad and my older brother never spend any time together, so i figure a “boys night” of hold ’em and drinks at home would be nice. So, where can I get a cheap poker set (chips, cards, etc.)? Does walmart or target sell them?

admin answers:

I always shop on amazon, i think that’s where i got my set for hubby.

Mark asks…

poker question!!! please help?

hey, i love playing poker but i need poker things, ive found some chips at target, and an automatic card shuffler as well from target but im wondering if there are good chips out there somewhere, if someone knows where good chips are buyable please tell me, and im also looking for a cheap poker table or even tabletop thanks a ton.

admin answers:

I am the owner of a indoor game store, we have a pretty good supply of tables, chips and playing cards. We have a website you can visit and look around. We are more than just poker and pool, and we can fit about any budget.


David asks…

What poker set to get?

I’ve asked before WHERE to get a set… now i need advice on WHICH to get.
It’s our 3 year anniversary this month and i’m looking to get him a poker set. I’m willing to spend about 50. I don’t understand the number of chips? some are 100, some 500. Which do i get for him to be able to invite a decent amount of guys over to play? or to take to a friends house to play?
I am totally a novice at this whole poker thing, hahah.
I’ll probably get it at target, wal mart, or a sports store


admin answers:

Go for the “Made in China” set at Walmart. It’s a 500-piece set that’s actually half-way decent.

Sharon asks…

how to post a link through email?

I have a link like <a rel="nofollow" target=”_blank” href=”″>
<img src="" width="150" height="50" alt="Buy Poker Chips” border=”0″/> how can post on email so that it look like a hyper link to that website

admin answers:

I always use the copy and paste method for sending links through email. Simply go to the address bar at the top, copy the http: address you want to send by highlighting it and clicking on copy, then paste this into the body of your email message.

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