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Jenny asks…

Number of poker chips in a set?

I am helping my sister with a probability assignment in maths and we chose poker as her subject. So i need to make a set of paper chips for us to use because we don’t have time to go and buy a proper set. My question is how many of each chip type is there in a beginners poker chip set?

admin answers:

Any amount can be in a set. Usually 300/500
a good way to think about it is how many chips a player has in a game.
Eg, in asmall tournament each player might start with 1000 points. This would be made up like this:
8 25’s = 200 points
8 100’s = 800 points.
For bigger tournaments we would build a stack like this
8 25’s = 200 points
8 100’s =800 points
4 500’s = 2000 points
7 1000’s = 7000 points
1 5000 point chip = 5000 points
total 15000 points.

So for a normal tournament say 10 players begin with 15000 points you will need
80 25’s
80 100’s
40 500’s
70 1000’s
and 10 5000’s
later on in the game you will take the small chips off the table “colour them up” to higher values so you will need more of the larger value chips.
In this case you will need a chip set of 350-400 chips with 5 different colours.
Cheap chips can be got online and from various hobby stores for between £10-50 or $20-100. You.ll need a minimum of 3 colours and around 75 chips (they are usually sold in units of 25) to reproduce a poker situation in a class room setting. Or just use coins its the same and more convienient.
The usual values will be 25, 100, 500, and 1000. (maybe 5’s and 1’s in a cash game.)

but all the maths in poker comes from the cards not the chips. Mike Caro and david sklansky are the usual “experts” for that stuff and have written some great articles and books on the subject.
And a great program for poker probability is on the website, look under tools

Carol asks…

Can you buy poker chips or poker set in India?

Want to buy a standard set of poker chips (500-1000) for playing Texas Hold’em etc. poker … Anyone know of any retailers in Ahmedabad, New Delhi or online to buy these ? If you know, do you know approximately how much it will cost ? Thanks.

admin answers:

If your looking for home poker games or players to play poker with in your area, check out

Ruth asks…

poker chips?

hi there i play poker with between 8-10 players, iam looking to buy this poker set on ebay……the set is 500 chips, and each roll comes with 25 chips therefor you have to pick 20 rolls. i want to know what i should pick (how many of each denomination) as iam not very good at working that out

here is the link

admin answers:

I would break into
50 white chips @ $1
150 red chips @$5
150 green chips @$25
100 black chips @$100
50 blue chips @$10 or $500
or you make the values whatever you want
eg white 10c, red 50c, green $1, black $5, blue $10 or 5c

I dont know the stakes you play at or if you play tournament or ring games but that is how I would do it.

A lot of casinos use these colours patterns (for the first four) so it should cause less confusion in the long run.

Good luck on the tables 🙂

Donald asks…

Poker chips set on poker stars?

My boyfriend was shooting to cashout his player points for the poker chips set they have on Poker Stars, but has now set out to use his points on bigger and better things. SO I’d like to purchase these chips or something comprable for his christmas gift. Any recommendations on brands, price I should pay for a good set, etc.?

admin answers:

Personally I like a heavy chip, so I picked up a set of 650 tricolor 14 gram clay chips from The quality was very good for the price and the shipping was reasonable, but I guess it comes down to how much you want to spend.

I spent around $150 for my set (with a cheap-o case that I replaced.. It wasn’t made for a heavier chip) and got it in about a week and a half. Nextgen are also good and can be found for about the same price. Look around on google there are many sites giving advice of what to look for a a good chip.

Steven asks…

Is there anywhere I can get poker chips or a poker set for free?

100% free, thanks.

admin answers:

Go around to tag sales. If you see a really cheap set, ask if they’ll give it away for free.

Keep in mind, I think it would be rude to ask for it for free. You ought to at least offer a buck.

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