Your Questions About Poker Chip Sets

Susan asks…

Where can i buy poker chip sets in Las Vegas?

I want to know what are some good stores around vegas that sell good poker chip sets. For a reasonible price.

admin answers:

The Gambler’s Store on Las Vegas Boulevard South just north of West Charleston is fantastic (even on line)

Steven asks…

Can you guys post links to good poker chip sets that you would suggest buying?

I am real skeptical about buying chips online, if any of you guys have bought some that were good please post a link.

admin answers:

Why so skeptical? If you’re looking for a custom poker chip set, the internet is an easy way to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Some ideas:

NBA poker chips:
Support the Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, and other popular teams.

Aluminum chip set:
Great starter set that pleases almost everyone. Excellent for presents.

Custom poker chip set:
You can build our own poker chip set online by choosing your chip style and colors, and even selecting your own case. You can also select chips by weight.

Ken asks…

where to buy poker chip sets?

where here in singapore can i buy poker chip set for a cheap price but with a good quality?please help me find one.thanks!

admin answers:

Try or e-bay

Ruth asks…

Best site to order poker chip sets?

I want to buy a new poker chip set. any good/trustful sites?

admin answers:

I purchased my set off of Reasonable prices and low shipping charges.

Donald asks…

Where can i get quality poker chip sets not online for good price

admin answers:

I got my chip set from Target. 500 chips 11 grams, two decks, five dice for $30.

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