Your Questions About Poker Chip Sets Ebay

Maria asks…

I am selling vintage poker chips on ebay I dont have entire boxes 100 should i sell them in sets multi color?

I have 75 blue 75 yellow 80 white 80 green these are chips from late 60’s
10 points tonight

admin answers:

Unless it’s from a famous casino? I don’t think anyone is interested?…i can get 1000 chips in a case brand new online for about $100

Ruth asks…

james bond poker chips?

iam looking to buy a james bond poker chip set on ebay, the set is of 500 chips for £115, they say i can make the set up myself in multiples of 25, the denominations i can choose from are $5, $25, $100, $500, $5000, $25000, $100000, iam looking to know how many of each denomination to choose as i want to create a good set to use when playing with my friends in home games of around 8-10 people.

iam looking to know this as iam terrible at maths, and dont really know how many chips each player should get and what denominations to get either


admin answers:

It depends on if you want it for a tournament style game or a cash game. If it’s just a cash game, you should have mostly lower denom chips. If it’s a tournament, get 150 $25, 150 $100, 100 $500, and 50 $1000. Give each person 12 each of the $25 and $100 for $1500 in starting chips, and add a $500 chip or two if you want more.

If you need help running the tournament or want to check out a review of the chips (recommended) got to

Donald asks…

all in poker chips question?

I know this is a very specific, but does anyone know where i would be able to buy All-In poker chips? i bought a set off of ebay and it was missing one red chip, and im a little OCD about it, if anyone could help, that would be great

this is what the chip looks like

admin answers:

These chips are by far the most bang for your buck real clay chips anywhere. Their feel is excellent lots of grip and perfect weight. They feel just like casino chips, only a bit sticker. You can stack them a mile high because they don’t slide off of one another.These chips are well worth the small price; I would say they are just as good, if not better than some 500 chip sets that cost over &400. For more information you may check this link

Betty asks…

Which of these Poker Sets are better? I have pics?


They both have two decks of cards, dice and dealer buttons. But one has more white chips than the other one. I previously asked this question, but I did not include a picture before. Thanks!

admin answers:

To be honest, they both looked about the same to me. Neither were very good. They were some pretty basic chips sets.

I’d consider looking on for more examples.

The whole dice design is very common and boring these days. You want something more original. Get something at least 11g so that they feel nice, and pick something that looks good.

Don’t worry about getting packs of cards or dice. The cards will always be crappy, and the dice are not needed for a game of poker. So never let that be a deciding factor.

If you want some quality cards that last for a very long time, go with Copag (see second link).

Chris asks…

how much should i spend on my boyfriend for christmas present?

I have no idea how much i should spend on my boyfriend, because we’ve been together on and off for 14 months now, but we just had a rough period and we’re trying to get back together now, but we’re not actually official. he says he got something..but he wont tell me a spending limit, and i got him a poker set with poker chip guards from his fav football team. I dont know if thats enough? or too much? i think its a good present..but i only paid $80 for it (with shipping and handling) but i got it off ebay, so i dont know the actual worth? should i get something else that’s personalized like a picture in a picture frame or something like that?
well i was also thinking maybe lingere..cuz then its not really like -for- him..and i really want some new lingere..haha

admin answers:

I think what you got him is fine! Don’t overdo it.

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