Your Questions About Poker Cards Names

Charles asks…

What are the names of the four signs that are on poker cards in English?

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Sandy asks…

How Do You Call the Clown Cards In Poker Game?

Hi, guys. I’m new to American and I wanna know how do you call the two clown cards in a poker deck? Joker? Clown?? In my home country, there’re many different names for it.

Would love to know how you call them. Thanks:)

admin answers:

The two clown cards are called jokers and they are not typically used in poker play.

Richard asks…

Besides poker, name a game you play with cards?

Survey for Family Feud. Try to give only one answer, but if you have a few good ones, hit me up

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James asks…

what are the card names for poker? example, QQ-ladies?

admin answers:

If you search online youll find out the names

AA=Pocket rockets/american airlines
AK=Anna Kornakova (looks good but rarely wins)
95=dolly parton thing working 9 to 5

Paul asks…

Where do i buy playing cards like poker decks?

Where can i buy playing cards instead of walmart. i called shell gas station but they dont sell any. can somebody list the names where i can buy cards
i called gas station they dont have it, liquor store doesnt have it either. supermarket no safeway is near my school if they have it i will call em and ask.
Does rite aid or safe way sell them?
Whats a pawn shop..
I want a deck or a pack… give me prices on that.

admin answers:

99C store,
Dollar Tree
Go to the local stores that selling toys might have it.
If you still can’t find it then go to chinatown.
Pokercard is selling everywhere at chinatown.

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