Your Questions About How To Play Pokerstars In Us

Lizzie asks…

How can site like Pokerstars and Fulltilt still let US players play on there?

I was just wondering how some poker sites like Poker-stars and Full-tilt still do business in the United States. I have been playing poker online for years I use to play on Pacific poker, but when they passed a law a few years ago you cant play on pacific poker or Party poker or a lot of other poker websites. Anyone know why?

admin answers:

Unless you live in one of the local areas that outlaw it (or at least make lip service doing so), online poker is perfectly legal in the US.

Maria asks…

Can anyone that plays on Pokerstars for real money help me?

i’ve been trying to play on pokerstars for real money but am unable to deposit money. i found out that it may be to some bank restrictions and also that there is some kind of bill that the US passed making it hard. can anyone that plays on pokerstars from the US help me? How can i deposit money to play and also will it be difficult to withdraw being that im in the US?

admin answers:

The two best and easiest ways to deposit at Poker Stars from the US are Echecks if you have a bank account just choose this option and provide your checking account and routing number to make your deposit and then you can withdrawal directly back into your bank account, the second would be an All Access Visa card, you can buy one or find a retailer near you who carries it at for the prepaid “reloadable one” or for the gift card “not reloadable” but with this option you will have to withdrawal by paper check. If you’d like to read more info. On this plus reviews, bonus codes and freeroll info. Check out the site below.

Jenny asks…

How long after US gov. legalizes online poker will we be able to play?

As legalization is on their way in the US to legalize online poker how soon will we be able to play after the bill is passed. Will we instantly be able to play on sites such as PokerStars or will we have to wait for sites to be regulated by the US government? Any idea to how long the wait will be after the bill is passed, as well are there any sites that are still open to US citizens to play on. Any help would be great! Thanks

admin answers:

Once U.S. Companies can go into the online Poker business?? It will not take long and there will be many… Log in to like Harraha’s. Com or Binion’s .com ect BUT like it has already been said.. Big Brother will be racking the pots.. That’s what this is all about.. Uncle Sam ain’t getting his cut!!

But on the flip side.. These poker joints will be regulated and watched over.. By like the Nevada Gaming Board ect. I sure saw some strange things go on .. On FullTilt..

Susan asks…

How do you transfer money from Neteller to Bank Account? US?

I play and won a few games.

Now I would like to get some of that money back and put it in my bank account.

I’m a newby in this stuff and not technically oriented. So where do on neteller to get me my dough so I can do some xmas shopping.


admin answers:

First, send me an email so that you can get a 10% bonus on your first NETeller deposit. My contact info is here:

Second, sign up for NETeller using the link in that email.

Third, after about three business days, your NETeller account will be linked to the bank account that you specified when you created the NETeller account.

You are now free to transfer funds between the two accounts; not all methods of transfer are free, however… In general, the faster you want it done, the more expensive it will be.

Best of luck!

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Ruth asks…

How can i put real money in my pokerstars account?

I dont know anyone personally that has money in their account at least not that they want to give up to me…lol.I have used virtual gift cards to circumvent the us prohibition against real money on-line poker playing in the past but that avenue has been shut down recently as well…any suggestions?

admin answers:

Try a debit card — they often work

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