Your Questions About Full House Poker

Susan asks…

what are some good strategies in full house poker for xbox?

ok so i just goot a poker game but here the thing i never played poker before i got the game so i can learn but no luck can you tell me what beats what thanks that would be really helpfull

admin answers:

Was playing on pokerview last night and I saw Ted Forrest playing on there live! Sick!!!

Sandra asks…

How do you download full house poker on xbox 360?

admin answers:

It hasn’t been released yet. It’s available for download on March 16, 2011.

Paul asks…

What is the strongest full house in poker?

This doesn’t apply to texas hold ’em.
I just thought I’d better clarify the question. This question applies to poker played with a conventional 52 card pack with no jokers, floating deuces, doggy chances or anything like that. Each player has a hand of 5 cards. As yet, no one has got it right. Yes really! I’ll extend the open period to give you more time to think about it. Have fun,

admin answers:

Rakeback power is an idiot. AAAAKKKKQ is not a hand in Omaha or anything else. Only 5 cards count just like any other game, so any combination of the board and your hand would either result in a full house of AAAKK or quads, which is not a full house.

There is also no such thing as a Super Full House. If your hand is AK and the board is AAAKK, then you have quad aces, period.

Five Aces is not a full house either. If you’re playing a game with wild cards, you have five aces, not aces full of aces. Its closer to quad aces with an ace kicker than aces full of aces.

EDIT: If you think there is a full house higher than AAAKK, you are mistaken. Period, end of story.

Richard asks…

I am thinking of getting full house poker on the Xbox 360 should I?

admin answers:

Yes it really fun if you like poker

Nancy asks…

What are the chances of getting a full house in poker (3 cards of one type 2 cards of another)?

admin answers:

693 to 1

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