Your Questions About Full House Poker Xbox

Robert asks…

Poker app with private tables?

Hello. I’m trying to teach a friend of mine how to play poker. I’d like a free app that’s not really serious about chip count and all that. Something that allows you to host a private table just so you can play with a friend. I own an Android phone and she has an Apple product. If you’ve played Full House Poker for Xbox Live, I’m looking for something like that. Thanks for the help.

admin answers:

Pokerstars offers private tables.

Charles asks…

How do you play Poker?

So I just purchased Full House Poker on my Xbox, and i’m finding the tutorials on there a little bit confusing, can anyone maybe give me a quick tutorial on how to play? How the scoring works, etc ,etc.

Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

There are many Poker variations. The most common and easiest is 5 card draw. You are trying to get the best hand with only 5 cards. You get dealt 5 cards, then you can discard unwanted cards and get more cards (still only up to 5 cards). Wikipedia has a list of the best poker hands. It’s harder to get the cards as you go up the list. Have fun playing!

Linda asks…

would I get more enjoyment out of playing poker games at a casino?

Im having no fun playing slots at the casinos. I always lose my money.

At firelake grand casino they have some poker games.I think texas hold em. Not sure if they have more.

How much money should I have when I play some poker in the casino?

Im learning texas hold em on my xbox 360 by this game called full house poker.

admin answers:

Winning at poker is more about discipline and learning from your mistakes. If you find yourself doing decently with play money, then why not try your hand at poker at the casino?

Richard asks…

Why does my Xbox download so slow?

Im trying to download full house poker on my Xbox. I’ve been trying to download it for 15 minutes and it is only at 6%. The game is only 676.76 MB! My friends had the game downloaded in 10 minutes. Why does my Xbox download so slow, and how can I fix it? Oh and my download speed is 23.2 mbps. Is that bad?
I know there’s something wrong! I’d appreciate it if you could tell me how to fix it!

admin answers:

I would probably say its because your internet is slow either because there is not enough bandwith or have too many devices running off your router

Chris asks…

Xbox arcade game to a USB flash drive ?

Can I buy xbox arcade game (like Bastion,Full House Poker…etc) to a flash drive ?

I dont have a harddrive so I use 8GB USB flash as my memory on my 360.

If it wouldnt work I dont wanna spend points on something I cant even download.


admin answers:

YES, but you have to format the USB for the xbox, you can still plug it into your computer and use it, but I would recommend a USB that isn’t presently being used, as it may corrupt the data already on there (like word documents etc.)

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