Your Questions About Casino Chips

Carol asks…

Casino Chips?

This may be a really stupid question but I have never been to Vegas or in a casino

I want to know if casinos have chips that are worth money. I am getting married and I want to use casino chips as part of my wedding favors so are there any that are worth a dollar???

admin answers:

The casino chips (cheques) have a face value. They are usualy in denominations of $1, $5, $25, $100, $500, $1000, and $5000.

Those cheques are not actually “worth” anything. That is, you cannot take them to a store and buy groceries. They can be played at the table games or exchanged for their face value at the cashier’s cage in the casino. They are usually acceptable at some other casinos nearby, but it is always best to cash then out at the casino they belong to.

You can take them out of the casino. You can give them to your friends. You can buys some for someone else.

Casinos try to keep track of players with $100 cheques and higher denominations. We are expected to be aware of player buy-ins, cash-outs, and any transactions that appear to be an attempt to evade our tracking of players’ activities.

If you give away $1 or $5 cheques to your friends or guests there should be no trouble.

Call the casino where you are planning to have your reception. Not all casinos use $1 cheques.

Depending on the number of members in your party, you may even be able to arrange for the casino to open a few tables for gaming lessons and play for you and your guests.

Lizzie asks…

Where can I get free casino chips and cash online?

I want to gamble but I want them to either let me do it risk free or at least give me xtra money. Where can I get free casino cash and/or chips on the internet?

admin answers:

If you want to play “on the cheap” today, here is a list of no deposit or purchase required casino chip offers

If you are willing to make a deposit you can get much more in free chips to play with at the gambling sites. Try to find the biggest bonus chip offers for new players.

Sandra asks…

Are casino chips from the Stardust worth anything?

I have Richard Petty commemoratives, and other casino chips of different denominations. How can I find their value.

admin answers:

You can look them up on eBay, just search for the chips you have and see if they are selling and for how much.


Thomas asks…

What is to stop managers of companies who make casino chips from making extra and cashing them in at the casin?

Seems like a simple plan. The managers after most of the workers go home simply make a few hundred more $100.00 chips and go cash them in at different casinos that they make the chips for. I am sure there are things that prevent this but what are the safeguards

admin answers:

Well, there’s the law, for one thing. I think spending time in a federal penitentiary is a pretty good deterrent. Lots of cameras and a mechanical count of the chips would probably take care of the rest of it. It’s not like an assembly line like the one at Crispy Cream Donuts. You can’t just pick up chips. A machine spits them out in stacks of X number of chips. If they aren’t all there when they get shipped, it will not go unnoticed.

David asks…

Is it illegal to resell casino chips in NJ?

I am selling casino chips on Ebay to collectors , people of interest, etc. Is it illegal to sell chips online? and can anyone provide a link to information about this?

admin answers:

Its not illegal and chip collecting is actually very popular. I have quite a few,but i collect the older ones. Thats why some casinos have limited edition chips commemorating different occasions and anniversaries. They expect customers to keep some which is money the casins dont have to give back.

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