Your Questions About Casino Chips Value

Linda asks…

What is the value of yellow casino chips?

admin answers:

Just look on the face of the chip. Many have $1,000 as yellow, but like Pimp said – it can vary.

If there is no value printed on the chip, then they might be tournament poker chips, or they might be roulette chips, which means they’re worthless.

Paul asks…

How are casino chips of value if stolen?

Many of us have read by now abot this guy who recently stole over a million in casino chips from the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The thief was in a good disguise. I understand he can come back into the same casino in a few weeks dressed like a normal person and play the chips for free to see if he can win something right? But how else are these chips valuable? I mean could he go to casino razzle dazzle and use the Bellagio chips? I would not think so because wouldn’t chips be unique from casino to casino? He could try to sell them to someone at a discount price but this would be very risky. How else are these valuable? My guess is he will play them at the Bellagio from where he stole them ?? He could gamble all of them and win nothing? I mean you can’t buy a car or house by handing over a bag of casino chips—-I can’t give the drive thru guy a few chips for a hamburger and fries. Thanks!

admin answers:

The thief stole chips from the craps table at gunpoint and got away with around $1.5 million. The chips were in $100 to $25,000 in denomination.

The $100 will be easy to cash in. You would just need to walk up to the casino cage and cash them in (about $500 at a time won’t raise any eyebrows). $500 chips can be cashed in one at a time with no real heat, too.

The $1000 can be redeemed, but you would need to break them down. You can just walk up to a $100 blackjack table and start playing. Hand the $1000 chip to the dealer, and he’ll give you ten $100 chips. Play a few hands and go to the cage with what you have left.

The $5000 and up chips will be very difficult to redeem. You’d have to be pretty creative to cash these in. You can’t spend them outside of the casino very easily, but it can be done. You can find an unwitting hooker or stripper and you might be able to get 10 cents on the dollar for a $5000 chip. The only thing is that she’ll try to cash in the chip and when the police nab her, she will be able to provide a good description of the perp.

The high valued chips are VERY closely monitored. If you’ve ever tried to cash $5000 at a casino cage, you’ll know what I mean. They always ask the following questions:
* Do you have any markers?
* What game were you playing?

If you don’t have answers to these questions that jibe with their records, you’ll be in a world of hurt.

Nancy asks…

I have several Harrah’s Casino Seven Dollar and Ten dollar redeemable cash value chips. Are they still good?

I won them many years ago and they say they are .999 fine silver. Is their a way to cash them in.

admin answers:

Ouch? Some prizes have expiration dates…like a winning lottery ticket expires in a year

Richard asks…

Are there casino chips with higher values than $100?

If I go to a casino, will I find chips with a bigger value than $100?

admin answers:

If you’re old enough to enter a casino, yes. If you’re not old enough, no. 🙂

Mandy asks…

What value do the Black and red chips have at the South Point Casino in Vegas?

admin answers:

Almost all casinos use Black chips as $100 and Red chips as $5.

The only time that I can think of when this would be different is if you were playing at a roulette table and playing with roulette chips. Those could be any color.

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