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Two Canadian men that were making a strong income online on a consistent basis got together and place with each other a low-hype, no alarms and whistles poker training program. The goal is much a lot more straightforward and obtainable– make $10,000 a month playing online poker using a low difference strategy that directly imitates their own. Outstanding Poker alreadies existing to teach you just how to play the very same method.

They deal with complete novices through seasoned poker pros alike! Watch precisely how the Superior Poker pros are making hundreds of dollars every night

The GUARANTEE: “Be one of the fortunate few to join Impressive Poker today and provide it a try for 60 days. If you are for any type of factor at all not 100 % satisfied with your membership with OutstandingPoker.com, within 60 days after purchasing, we will certainly reimburse every dime of your money, no concerns asked.

You could see Superior Poker by visiting: http://www.outstandingpoker.com.

Becoming a member is very easy and 100 % cost-free! Get 2 free poker training videos today.

Website Parts.

Videos – The website has a a library of over ONE HUNDRED fifty-minute videos covering money games, sit-n-go games and multi-table competitions.

Articles – The OutstandingPoker.com Pros have composed various poker approach posts and E-books that will allow you to end up being a gaining online poker gamer! Our posts and E-books are stuffed with strong gold information that will aid your game!

Podcasts – Exceptional Poker Podcasts allow you to pay attention to our pros on the go, just select the podcast of your option from our collection of abundant poker content and download. Now utilizing your MP3 gamer you could hear exactly what you want when you desire. Fresh podcasts are being added at all times, so make sure to check back commonly to obtain your fill of the most recent poker talk on the net.

Community – Produce your very own FREE poker profile and connect with poker players from around the globe.

Community features include:

  • Your own personal blog

  • Poker hand history replayer – Share hands with others

  • Community Forum – Discuss poker strategy and poker life

  • Poker Social Network – Interact with members

  • and more …

Rakeback – Outstanding Poker offers a wide variety of rakeback deals for its members. When you introduce rakeback into the equation many players who were once losers are instantly transformed into profitable winning poker players. If you are already winning rakeback will be a nice fat bonus every month.

Membership Options & Fees

Initiation: $0
Monthly: $14.99
Annually 140.00


Hold em—low limit and mid-stakes

Sit N Go’s – low limit and mid-stakes

Multi Table Tournaments – low limit and mid stakes

Discounts and Coupons

Freerolls every week for $250 for Outstanding Poker members and access to great sign up bonuses from various online poker rooms.


Tim Mc Killican got attention a few years ago when he won a bet claiming he could show twelve random individuals how to make five figures with online cards and pulled it off with the ten who hung in for the long run.  From there, him and fellow poker player Errol Potok decided it was time to launch a full program.

Tim Mc Killican is the lead professional online poker player at OutstandingPoker.com with over 60 full-length videos. He plays on PartyPoker as ‘atta22’ and has profited over $250,000 playing $5/10 and $10/20 No Limit Holdem from a single $50 deposit. But what really sets Tim apart is his ability to clearly explain his in-depth thought processes surrounding each and every move he makes while playing, at a level that any player can understand.

(Tim’s Current Party Poker Account)

Newest Outstanding Poker Pros

Wayne LoIntroduced by his boss at work, Wayne started playing poker roughly about 2 years ago, initially playing a lot of tourneys and cash games but ended up committing to playing high volume sit n goes, this included mainly 6max and full ring games and sometimes some MTT’s.

During these 2 years Wayne has being playing as a semi professional micro stakes SNG player. His most notable achievement was playing for the New Zealand team for the Poker Stars World Cup Finals in the bahamas in 2009.

Matt Taylor (mattutaylor)Matt started out playing poker when he was 16 and won my first ever tournament on absolute poker when he was 17. It was a $20 rebuy tournament and he had no idea how he donked his way into a $900 score, which at the time was a very substantial amount of money to him. He carried on playing over his bankroll, playing games up to 5/10 LHE on absolute before going broke and actually starting to realize he wanted to learn the game properly.

At this point he started to study the game a lot using books and training sites.

He had his first big score of $5,000 after winning a $20 MTT on stars at 19 and over the next few days he made another 2 big final tables making another $6,000. Something had clicked in his game and he genuinely felt he really knew his game really well. Looking back now, this was definitely not the case but this was definitely the turning point for him. 3 months later, he went professional and has since made a substantial profit and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle from playing poker.

Matt now plays a mixture of MTTs and Heads up Sngs across Pokerstars and Full Tilt, occasionally mixing in NLHE and PLO cash.

Rob Green (hockeyguy)Being a somewhat conservative person by nature Rob started at the 25 NL cash games and tried some 50NL and 100 NL games where he did OK for a year or so. But Rob became more frustrated as time went on because he felt that he knew how to play better than most of the other players at the various games he was playing. Although he was winning, he wasn’t winning as much or as fast as he thought he should.  Fortunately he stumbled across Outstanding Poker.com and started watching the Atta22 videos.  As soon he started watching the videos all of the things he had read about and tried to incorporate into his game made perfect sense. His game instantly improved and he has been able to play better, dramatically improve his win rate and move up to the 100NL games and be a consistently winning player.  Rob continues to watch the various videos at Outstanding Poker.com and continues to improve his game and win rate and plan on moving further up stake levels in the near future. Rob teaches the microstrake levels at OutstandingPoker.com.


Outstanding Poker concentrates on one target and one target just– making a certain level of earnings at poker. While various other sites have newbies mouths sprinkling over the millions their instructors have made, these guys appear and provide a straight method for resembling their outcomes without acquiring sidetracked. One solid game plan. At the danger of sounding like hypocrites, for when we are impressed by the single-minded method. It is a respectable, practical approach and something that any poker gamer could appreciate.

The direction is direct, to the factor, and brings you from the starting throughout without any gaps in the finding out process. Below is the best ways to gain. This is exactly what you do. Now go do it. You just can’t say with that kind of simplicity.

This is actually an excellent spot for somebody to begin out if they are uncertain about poker or merely unsure regarding poker training. Low threat method courses at a quite affordable. Extremely wonderful!

Sample Training Video From Outstanding Poker

You can visit Outstanding Poker by going to: http://www.outstandingpoker.com

Becoming a member is easy and 100% free! Get two free poker training videos today.

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